How to Apply For a Credit Card the Easiest?


Anyone can be faced with the fact that he will need to take out a loan or issue a Sara Monday card. So how can this be done, which bank should I contact?

In this age of high technology, the pace of life has greatly increased, and most citizens do not have much time to wait in queues at banks for a long time and methodically fill a pile of documentation. In addition, people often sign something without even reading the conditions. And this plays into the hands of not entirely bona fide Sara Monday institutions.

You can save your time by issuing a Sara Monday card quickly and without any problems, but will it be economical from a financial point of view? As well as a card that will save money, it is unlikely to take a negligible amount of time to receive it.

The cost of using a Sara Monday card includes a fee for its issue, as well as payment for its maintenance. If the card is issued quickly, then you can prepare for the fact that these cost indicators will be greatly overestimated.

Banks, in turn, when applying for this type of Sara Monday card, make a quick check of the criteria by which the client can get a financial product. Thus, the failure rate is very high.

Interest will play a significant role here. We need to prepare for the fact that the interest rate will not be less than 30%.

The most common types of “quick cards”

The most common types of "quick cards"

  • Sara Monday card from Sberbank Sara Monday Momentum
  • Installment card CONSCIENCE

To obtain this card, you must visit the branch of Sberbank. The card will be issued in a quarter of an hour after its registration. The Sara Monday card will start 24 hours after it has been received. The advantage of the card is that you can also use your own funds.

On what conditions is it issued:

On what conditions is it issued:

  • Service for the year of the card will cost 750 rubles
  • For the release of “plastic” the client does not need to pay anything
  • Money on the card in Russian currency
  • The limit of the established amount varies from 10 thousand to 150000
  • Grace period on the card (no interest accrued) 50 days
  • Interest rate 24%
  • This card has its advantages over similar “fast” cards.

The amount of debt must be repaid on a monthly basis, with this set a monthly payment limit of not less than 5% of the total amount, not including interest.

  • Cash withdrawal from the card is 3%, so it is more profitable to pay it by bank transfer.
  • Sara Monday Card from Sara Monday Europe Bank
  • Such a Sara Monday card does not give the right to use its own funds.
  • Service on the card for the year in the valuation of 750 rubles.
  • The issue of Sara Monday cards is also free.
  • Funds on the card in Russian currency.
  • The limit is 50,000 more than the previous card.
  • The grace period is the same, but the interest rate is above-29%.

Monthly payment will be higher – about 6.5%. The interest-free period on a Sara Monday card applies only to cases of payment for purchases by bank transfer.


Mortgage Conditions at Nordea Bank


Resolving housing problems

The mortgage program that Nordea Bank OJSC offers to residents of our country is today one of the best ways to solve the housing issue that hangs over most modern residents of large cities. It does not take many months to collect various documents and extracts, you need to provide only three things – a passport, work record and a certificate of their current official income. To be a borrower in this organization it is necessary that the client be at least 18 years old. However, most Sara Monday institutions can issue mortgage loans to persons who are at least 22 years old. Depending on the wishes and preferences of the borrower, you can take a loan for a long term, as well as purchase housing on the primary or secondary market, which significantly reduces the amount of payments. In order to determine the solvency of the client can be taken into account his income, and the income of the next of kin. The client can independently choose the form and type of debt payment. The loan can be paid ahead of schedule at any time convenient for you, and there will be no penalties or additional fees.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

When registering and issuing a mortgage loan, all operations are performed absolutely openly, and the client can get acquainted in detail with all his questions. This allows you to exclude any hidden fees and charges. The loan rate remains constant regardless of the length of the loan, as well as how payments are secured. The borrower does not need to be registered in the same region where the property is located. Not all organizations offer such conditions, which favorably distinguishes Nordea Bank from the competition.

Lending terms

Lending terms

The borrower must be a citizen of our country, and have a permanent registration in the country. The total length of service must be at least two years, and at the last place of work at least four months. The age of the loan recipient can be from 18 years, and up to 60 for men, for women this threshold is lower than 55 years. The most popular programs are targeted and non-targeted mortgages. Funds received upon receipt of a target mortgage can be spent to buy real estate, build a residential house, or pay off previous loan debt. In case of a non-targeted mortgage, the borrower spends the funds received on what everyone considers necessary – a car, repair, or other things.


Ocean Credit Reviews


For customers in our country, Ocean Credit Romania is an affordable alternative to the non-bank loan market, which gives them the opportunity to quickly access a loan of between RON 100 and 1500. Operated by Ocean Credit IFN SA, this digital credit granting platform is registered in the General Register of the National Bank of Romania under number RG-PJR-41-110300 / 28.08.2015 and has over 15 employees (according to the balance sheet for 2016) . In terms of financial results, the company has fixed assets of ROL 243,782 at the level of 2016. The Ocean Credit institution was set up by 2 associates and is managed by 3 administrators, the value of the share capital being RON 1,000,000.

Regarding the activity, it is carried out at the headquarters located in Bucharest, Calea Floreasca Nr. 112, et. 2 sector 1, where departments for credit analysis, verification and granting are also stationed. The work schedule is between 9-18, Monday to Friday, and the weekend is not a program with the public. The Fast Loan Service Provider’s website is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, even if there is no dedicated mobile application.

Ocean Credit Contact – Methods to get in touch with this fast credit service

Ocean Credit Contact - Methods to get in touch with this fast credit service

Because customer interaction is the main way in which the service can successfully operate, Oceancredit offers them some quick ways to get in touch and get a loan at maximum speed:

  • Online – by email: or
  • Chat live
  • By phone: 021 9938

For those who prefer to stay in touch with or follow the company’s activity, it offers dedicated pages on two major social media channels: Facebook (the community counts over 10,666 people) and Instagram (where there are 77 followers).

What kind of credits can I get from oceancredit and what are the conditions under which they are granted?

What kind of credits can I get from oceancredit and what are the conditions under which they are granted?

It is important to know that this company will not lend loans with a value between 100 and 1500 Ron for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days. Because the amount of credit allows for a wide range of financial expenses (repairs, payment of bills, payment of an advance for a last minute trip, etc.) and is obtained very quickly, this type of loan is to the liking of many of the Romanians who have need money. In addition, the credit conditions imposed by ocean credit online are very clear and are folded at the financial level of many of the Romanian customers:

  • The applicant has to make monthly incomes, the value of which should not be below 700 Ron (otherwise, the loan will be rejected as not meeting the eligibility criteria, it should be noted that the monthly amount of salary, pension, unemployment benefit and other sources accepted by these credit operators has an overwhelming influence on the total amount of the borrowed loan in the sense that a higher value increases the level of credit to be obtained);
  • The person requesting a quick loan must have reached the legal minimum age (18 years) to apply;
  • The applicant must have an account / bank card, an email address, a mobile phone number that is his / hers, personal and valid.

When the applicant uploads a copy of the identification document, a copy of the most recent bank statement and bank account details, the application procedure is considered to be initiated. From the time of approval, as a result of analyzing the file, the money is transferred to the card or bank account within 30 minutes; it should be noted that for the maximum amount that can be borrowed in the first stage (500 Ron) for a maximum repayment period (30 days), the DAE value is 2450,32%, which means an interest cost of 152, 50 Ron. Here are the types of quick credits offered by

  • Ocean Credit ifn:
  • With instant approval;
  • Urgent, without papers ;
  • online;
  • With the bulletin;
  • Credit ifn.

As regards the amount of interest applicable to such a loan, this non-bank ifn company does not calculate such interest based on the 365-day period but calculates it according to the period of the loan and in relation to the amount is borrowing.

Important Aspects To Know About Ocean Credit Ifn

Important Aspects To Know About Ocean Credit Ifn

Ocean Credit allows existing customers to obtain a new credit from this company, provided they are at this ifn institution and only after the first loan has been returned. There is a possibility to extend the payment term in the event of difficulties in repayment of the loan, and if a customer proves to be bad-payer, the amount of the penalty interest that is applied for each day of delay is in the amount of 1.5%. The customer may repay any loan received from this non-bank service provider through the following methods of returning money:

  • Payment with a bank card – via the online ocean credit card option on the site;
  • Payment to the bank account opened at Libra Internet Bank;
    Payment in a CEC unit in cash
    For ocean credit opinions are predominantly appreciative, in this sense contributing the offer in which the amount of 250 Ron is offered without the payment of any interest, free of charge. Account must also be taken of the fact that when applying for a quick credit, Ocean Credit limits the amount of the first loan up to the amount of 500 Ron, and it is only after the first credit is paid that the maximum loan limit is extended to 1500 Ron. Even if the amount of 250 Ron that can be obtained for free is not so high, for people with small monthly incomes (equal to or above 700 Ron), obtaining an interest-free amount constitutes an advantage (this amount is granted only at the first accessing a loan from Ocean Credit). That is why, considering these issues, the online credit ocean credit credit can be considered as a trusted help for low-income people.


How to Make a Credit Repayment Plan


Whether we talk about a bank loan or a quick loan , a clever reimbursement plan will help you cut costs and make important savings. You will find in this article some basic rules that you need to keep in mind.

The cost of a credit can be greatly increased over time, through penalties and interest that accumulate when you can not pay rates in time. Therefore, it is very important to make a realistic calculation from the beginning, analyze the funds you have and go to the most pessimistic scenario, you have to be sure you can pay each installment at the set deadline.

When setting up your credit, remember that a shorter one is always cheaper than a longer one. At first glance it does not seem like this, because a longer term means more and smaller monthly installments. However, you pay interest for the entire period, a simple calculation shows that in time there are much higher costs. This rule applies to both a bank product and a credit card only , always chooses the shorter duration if you manage to fit into it. You do not have to force the note and assume a term that you can not respect, go on a balance between the maximum amount that you can return on a monthly basis and the shortest possible contract.


Credit Products

Credit Products

Credit products are becoming more flexible and today it is possible to opt for variable-rate rates. You can choose the rates to be equal, ascending or descending. Again, the cheapest solution is one that seems to be the hardest after a superficial analysis, the most advantageous is to pay the highest rates first and not the other way round.

The explanation is simple, the amount of interest is calculated based on the remaining balance. The sooner you pay a more consistent amount of the amount, the lower the total cost. If you are able to support higher amounts from the beginning, choose the maximum option.

You still have a chance to lower your credit if you redeem it in advance, most banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions (IFN) offer you this option. You can achieve important savings, especially if you have a long-term credit, such as a real estate.

A useful idea is to try to set aside a fixed amount on a monthly basis, over the rate you normally pay, will help you get used to a strict financial discipline. If you have a quick credit, you can repay it all in one advance installment, not just get rid of a care but interest will be recalculated. For a long-term bank loan, wait until you raise a higher amount and then ask in writing to the bank for partial payment of part of the balance. Alternatively, you can put this money into a separate account by which to pay the entire loan ahead of schedule when you have accumulated a sufficient amount.